Kelly's Hauling &
                   Tractor For Hire

Tractor Services:
What our equipment can do for you:

Weed and field mowing, done with a 6ft Landpride mower, pulled behind a 4xtractor. We can cut down up to 6ft
 difficult weeds. The weeds can be left on the ground for you to burn, or raked into a pile and hauled away.


5ft and 6ft rear tine tiller attachments. Able to till 4 to 6 inches deep, turning the dirt making it easy to plant gardens or fields. We can till a small garden or several acres.

Leveling is done with the tractor's front bucket and landscape rake. Leveling skims across the top of the dirt, leaving a level surface for sod or seed or sprinklers. 

With harder , a 6ft disc is used. A disc is an implement with several rows of heavy wheels. It chews up the ground 6-8" in an agressive mannor. We recommend tilling after discing. Makes your land workable. It is best to go over it with a harrow to level and bring ground to a final grade.

Is a rake pulled behind the tractor. It is used to give tilled ground a smooth finish and a final grade.

We use a two bottem plow that goes down 12". It rolls the old dirt over and brings new fresh dirt to the surface.

9" goes down 3ft and works great on fenceposts. Our 12" drills down 3ft and is ideal for railroad ties.

Skid Loader trencher attachment. Goes deep for underground electrical and water lines
Ditch Witch trencher, trenches for sprinkler lines.

Landscape Boulders:
We offer a beautiful selection of 3ft+ Landscape rocks, in all sizes, shapes and colors, all hand picked, washed and ready to go into your yard. Take one or take them all. Delivery and set available: 
Ditch Witch, for
sprinkler lines.​
Trencher can go down 48" for underground electrical & water
Over 100 Beautiful Landscape Boulders
in all sizes shapes & colors for you to choose from​